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33 Ukrainians arrive here every day as supports change

An average of 33 people from Ukraine have arrived in Ireland every day over the last week ahead of changes to accommodation and supports for new arrivals which will commence tomorrow.

It will mean that anyone fleeing the war in Ukraine, who registers for temporary protection and is looking for State-provided accommodation in Ireland, will get a place to live for a maximum of 90 days.

They will be provided with food, laundry, other services and integration supports in Designated Accommodation Centres.

Standard social welfare payments will no longer be available to a person while they are resident in the centres.

They will be entitled to a reduced weekly allowance of €38.80 per adult and €29.80 per child in respect of daily expenses, while they are resident in the centres.

Entitlement to Child Benefit is not affected by these changes.

When they leave the Designated Accommodation Centre, or if they make their own accommodation arrangements on arrival, they will be entitled to apply for standard social welfare assistance, equivalent to Irish citizens, subject to meeting the eligibility conditions.

The Government said it is making these changes in order to continue to meet the European Union Temporary Protection Directive requirements, and to align more closely with other member states.

These changes will not affect people from Ukraine who arrived in Ireland before the policy came into force and are already registered for temporary protection.

There are around 68,000 people from Ukraine living in accommodation provided by the State.

Six centres have been identified to provide 90 days of accommodation for new arrivals from Ukraine.

The first five confirmed centres are:

  • Ballyogan Road, Dublin city (capacity: 392)
  • Stradbally, Co Laois (capacity: 950)
  • Fernbank, Limerick city (capacity: 250)
  • Punchestown, Co Kildare (capacity: 378)
  • Gerald Griffin Street, Cork city (capacity: 107)

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