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Man left ‘miserable’ Crooksling to return to Dublin city

Mahmoud, a Palestinian-Jordanian seeking asylum, was one of the people who decided to leave the Crooksling site late last night.

He said he walked for several kilometres before getting the bus back into town.

Mahmoud told RTÉ News that a woman from the International Protection Office had woken them up at around 8am yesterday to get everyone on to buses.

He said people were told to just bring their backpacks with them and then they travelled for almost an hour south of Dublin.

He said conditions upon arriving in Crooksling were “miserable”.

“This is not a humanitarian suitable place,” he said. “No facilities for the dignity of life. No washing.”

Making the decision to come back, he said he had nothing to lose.

Asylum seekers’ tents remain on Dublin’s Mount St
IP applicants moved for ‘health and safety reasons’

When he came back he found his tent was gone and another one was sourced for him by volunteers, where he got to sleep behind a bus stop late last night.

Another man who said he had recently arrived in Ireland from Afghanistan said he had also returned to the city centre as he said there was no running water in Crooksling and only a small amount of shared toilet facilities.

“After we saw the bad situation there, we decided to go back to Dublin. We are tired from yesterday. Maybe about ten kilometres walking on foot until we reach the crossroad to take another bus,” said Mahmoud.

“Our previous things, when we came back here… we have nothing, nothing to live in,” he explained.

He said he had come to Ireland believing it was “the most honest country all over the world” to have full respect for human rights and for the Palestinian people.

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