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Taxi driver injured after car hit by tree during storm

A Waterford taxi driver was treated in hospital after a tree fell on his car last night during stormy weather.

The incident happened in the Newtown area of the city on the Dunmore Road at 11pm yesterday.

The driver was treated for minor injuries in hospital.

Senior Engineer for roads with Waterford County Council Gabriel Hynes said: “We had reports of ten trees down and one tree fell on a travelling taxi. The driver was removed to hospital. The injuries were not serious but it was certainly a serious incident at the same time.

Gardaí and the council confirmed there were no passengers in the taxi at the time the incident occurred.

Overall the impact of the weather mostly resulted in “localised flooding and a number of trees down”, Mr Hynes confirmed.

“It has not been as severe as other recent weather but there are impacts on the ground.

“We have had a good few trees down overnight. We had localised flooding and I am expecting further localised flooding this morning as well,” Mr Hynes said.

Dungarvan was hit by localised flooding with two roads closed on the approach to the town.

“There were no properties damaged but there was some damage to cars as they tried to drive through the flooded roads,” said Mr Hynes.

“Drivers can expect ponding on the roads. They should, at this stage, be driving with extreme caution and avoiding journeys if they are not completely necessary,” said Mr Hynes.

“We have crews on standby on a continuous basis and they will be dealing with events as they arise,” he added.

A rough night of windy weather resulted in 14 trees falling in Co Wexford.

Director of Services at Wexford County Council Eamonn Hore said: “There were a number of roads blocked and they will all be cleared at first light.”

“There was also flash flooding so people need to be careful when they are driving,” he added

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