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Toll charges increase on ten routes around Ireland

An increase in tolls on ten routes around the country, including the M50 and the Dublin Tunnel, has come into effect.

The majority of car tolls have risen by 20 cent per journey while charges for heavy good vehicles have gone up by 30 to 50 cent per journey.

On the M1, M7, M8, N6, N25 at Waterford and N18 Limerick Tunnel, the toll for cars increased by 20c to €2.30.

On the M3, it has gone up 10c to €1.70 while the charge on the M4 is €3.40, a 20c increase.

Dublin Tunnel tolls are up by €2 for cars at peak times.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) said this move is aimed at preserving “capacity for heavy goods vehicles accessing Dublin Port”.

TII said it was basing the increase on the annual rate of inflation that was recorded at the end of August, which it put at 6.3%.

On the M50, toll prices have increased by between 20-40 cent, depending on vehicle type and whether drivers use toll tags, video accounts or are unregistered.

For example, the charge for an unregistered car is €3.70, but a driver with a tag now pays €2.50.

This is the second time that tolls have increased in less than a year as charges on most of the country’s national road network also rose last July.

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