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Survey examines supports for neurodivergent workers

Just under one-in-five workers believe their company’s policies and practices support neurodivergent people, according to new research from Bank of Ireland and Red C.

The survey shows that of those who identified as being neurodivergent and are working, just under half have not disclosed their condition to their employer and 45% feel that their workplace is not inclusive.

The study reveals that almost 1 in 10 adults personally identify as being neurodivergent, half of whom are diagnosed and the other half self-assessed.

Among those who identified as neurodivergent the most common conditions are Autism Spectrum Condition, Attention Hyperactivity Disorder, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.

Just over a quarter of respondents said they are personally, or have an immediate family member who is neurodivergent.

Bank of Ireland is releasing the research to mark Neurodiversity Week 2024 and the company is today launching a Neuroinclusion strategy.

The plan includes training for all staff to enhance awareness, and introduces a range of policy and process improvements including in recruitment, supports for new-joiners, and career development.

“How we better support neurodivergent people in education, the workplace and wider society requires a joined-up effort and focused action,” said Matt Elliott, Chief People Officer, Bank of Ireland.

“When a national survey tells us that just half of people feel that their place of work is inclusive of neurodivergent people, and only one-in-five are aware of their employer’s policies or practices to support neurodivergent people, it is clear much more needs to be done,” Mr Elliot said.

Neale Richmond, Minister of State for Employment Affairs, welcomed the launch of Bank of Ireland’s Neuroinclusion strategy.

“It is vital that large employers are representative and inclusive of the entire population in order to better serve their customers and communities,” Mr Richmond said.

The Red C survey was conducted among 1,002 adults. In the case of those who have identified as being neurodivergent and working, the sample referenced is 47 people from the total sample.

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