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Stardust inquests jury begins third week of deliberations

The jury in the Stardust inquests has begun its third week of deliberations at the Dublin City Coroner’s Court.

This morning coroner Dr Myra Cullinane briefly addressed the jury members, marking the start of the week, and telling the jurors she would be available to them if any issues arise.

The 12 jurors, made up of seven women and five men, have been considering their verdicts now for a total of around 30 hours.

This is their ninth day of deliberations.

They have been tasked with returning verdicts in respect of each of the 48 people who died in the disaster and to make findings into the circumstances of the fire which broke out in the early hours of St Valentines Day 1981.

The jury have been told there are five verdicts available to them – accidental death, death by misadventure, unlawful killing, open verdict and narrative verdicts.

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