Stardust inquests jury begins deliberation on verdicts

The jury in the Stardust inquests began deliberating on its verdicts this afternoon.

It follows year-long hearings into the circumstances of the Artane nightclub fire.

Forty eight people, aged between 16-27, lost their lives in the disaster which happened in the early hours of 14 February 1981.

Today, the jury asked the coroner to clarify matters in relation to the verdicts open to them, including the standard of proof needed for each available verdict and also asked for examples for each.

The coroner, Dr Myra Cullinane, has previously told the jurors that five potential verdicts are available: accidental death, death by misadventure, unlawful killing, an open verdict or a narrative verdict.

The proceedings at the Dublin District Coroner’s Court, which is sitting in the Pillar Room on the grounds of the Rotunda Hospital, began last April following a lengthy campaign by relatives.

In all, the inquests have sat for 122 days and heard testimony from over 370 witnesses, including former staff at the club, survivors, emergency responders and fire experts.

The jury will return to the Pillar Room at the Rotunda Hospital tomorrow to continue considering their verdicts.

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