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Social media site X ‘suspended’ Yulia Navalnaya’s account

Social media site X has suspended the account of Yulia Navalnaya, just one day after she created it and four days after the death of her husband, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

A message on the @Yulia_Navalnaya account page read: “Account suspended. X suspends accounts which violate the X rules.”

It included a link to the site’s rules of use but did not provide a specific reason for the account being suspended.

Alexei Navalny died on Friday after collapsing and losing consciousness at the penal colony north of the Arctic Circle where he was serving a long jail term.

His wife has said she would continue her late husband’s fight, and called on supporters to hold Russia President Vladimir Putin accountable and fight him with more determination than ever.

In a nine-minute video message yesterday, Ms Navalnaya said Mr Putin had killed her husband and in doing so had robbed her of a husband and her two children of a father.

However, she said the only answer to such a crime was to continue her late husband’s fight for a free and prosperous Russia.

Russians, she said, wanted to live differently, even if there appeared little hope.

“I want to live in a free Russia, I want to build a free Russia,” Ms Navalnaya said in the video message entitled: “I will continue the work of Alexei Navalny.”

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