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Siún Ní Raghallaigh resigns from RTÉ Board

Chair of the RTÉ Board Siún Ní Raghallaigh has announced she has resigned from her position

In a statement, she said it is abundantly clear from statements yesterday and in particular last night’s Primetime broadcast, that she no longer has the confidence of the Media Minister, Catherine Martin, and that, as such, her position is no longer tenable.

Ms Ní Raghallaigh said that while she had told the minister she was aware of the two most recent exit packages for former Director of Strategy Rory Coveney and former chief financial officer Richard Collins, she had “neglected to recollect that Richard Collin’s exit package did go before the Remuneration Committee”.

“This was not an intentional misrepresentation, and I subsequently contacted the Department to clarify the details and remind them that I had previously appraised them of the matter in October” she continued.

“Serving as Chair of the RTÉ Board is a privilege which requires the confidence of the Minister. It is abundantly clear that I no longer do. My resignation is a source of sadness to me, but it is unavoidable.” she concluded.

Reacting to the resignation, Director General Kevin Backhurst said he deeply regretted the decision.

“Siún has been an excellent Chair and a great support to me throughout an incredibly challenging time for RTÉ.”

Mr Backhurst continued by saying “I’d like to reassure you, our partners and our audiences that I and my Interim Leadership Team remain committed to RTÉ and to continuing to drive the necessary change to secure the future of this organisation and transform it into a national public service media organisation we can all be proud of.”

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