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RTÉ staff should not accept gifts valued over €100

RTÉ has launched a new ‘Register of Gifts’ which will require employees and contractors to declare any gifts they receive that are above a value of €50.

In a message to staff, RTÉ Director General Kevin Bakhurst said that workers will be obliged to complete a form detailing any gift with a realistic valuation of between €50 and €100.

“Any gift with a realistic valuation of over €100 should not be accepted or if it must be accepted, then it is declared and becomes the property of RTÉ,” the message stated.

“A gift is defined as anything given to a member of staff or contractor arising from their work for RTE for which they do not pay fair market value.

“This includes the provision of services, tickets for events and entertainment,” according to the staff email.

Also today, a separate form was launched for staff to declare a conflict of interest when a situation arises which may influence, or be seen by a reasonable person to influence, a staff member in their work for RTÉ.

“Declaring a conflict or potential conflict does not mean you will not be able to fulfil your work in RTÉ, nor will it harm your career prospects in any way,” Mr Bakhurst said in his message to staff.

“It is merely designed to ensure RTÉ is aware of any conflicts or potential conflicts and can manage the situation appropriately.”

RTÉ said the steps are being taken as part of its internal governance review and as part of efforts to drive necessary change across the organisation.

In January, a Register of Interests and a Register of External Activities were launched for RTÉ staff.

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