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Robinson calls for implementation of climate policies

Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson has said Ireland needs to do more to implement its climate policies.

Speaking at the DCU Centre for Climate and Society’s annual conference, Ms Robinson said: “Ireland, to its credit, has good climate policies, but Ireland’s not implementing…I’m struck by the fact that we’re on track for a 29% reduction, rather than a 50% reduction by 2030 so it’s not good.

“I mean, as I said, we’re a country that benefited from fossil fuel. We have that responsibility, we should be doing far more real tangible stuff at every level. In every capacity to local level, regional level at national level.”

During her keynote speech, Ms Robinson discussed the new movement she co-founded called Project Dandelion.

Mary Robinson said: ‘At the moment we’re losing because we’re not moving fast enough’

She described it as a woman-led climate movement and said the dandelion was chosen as the symbol because “it grows on all continents” and is “very resilient”.

Founding member of Fridays for Future Ireland Áine Dempsey asked Ms Robinson about fatigue and continuing the fight for climate action.

Ms Robinson replied: “I think what we need is everyone at every level of with any responsibility to have that sense of urgency that we are in a climate and nature crisis.

“At the moment we’re losing because we’re not moving fast enough and that, you know, so it’s not just at government and Oireachtas level. It’s also at local authority level at city level.”

During her address, she said that a lot of progress is being made globally on transitioning to a zero-carbon future but it is not happening fast enough.

“We’re moving, we’re actually moving a bit faster, we’re not moving nearly fast enough for the science and unfortunately the science is going worryingly the wrong way, as I’m sure many of you will know.

“The oceans are warming, the coral reefs are under threat, everything is more serious,” she added.

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