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Poor Things producer ‘thrilled’ with four Oscar wins

Element Pictures producer Ed Guiney has said he is “absolutely thrilled” after the film Poor Things won four awards at last night’s Oscars ceremony.

The film Poor Things was produced by Element Pictures which is based in Dublin. The film won four awards including Best Actress for Emma Stone.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Mr Guiney said: “We are absolutely thrilled… production design, costume design, makeup and hair and then, of course, Emma Stone winning the big prize, which we are thrilled by. It is such a competitive year, so yeah, delighted. It has a huge impact.”

Mr Guiney said winning awards gives a film visibility.

“For instance, when we had the 11 nominations, we went from 500 [cinema] screens to 2,500 screens, and now that we have had these wins this weekend, we are now out on kind of digital platforms like Hulu and Apple and all that kind of stuff,” he said.

“It has been great. I mean, we could not be happier really there is the juggernaut of Oppenheimer, which I do not know how many awards it won, but it may be seven or eight, and I think we are the second-highest winner with four.”

Mr Guiney said that the wins are also significant for the production’s reputation.

“In other words, the film gets cemented as a film that hopefully people will remember in years to come, and people will continue to find it over time, and that is I guess why we do these things.”

Mr Guiney said it makes securing funding easier moving forward too.

“With Room, The Favourite and now Poor Things, we have had three best actress wins…”

“And so, that just means that when we send a script to somebody… to one of the agencies in Hollywood, they are like, well these are the people that produced these movies that had these Oscar wins, and that is a really significant thing.”

Mr Guiney explained that he had been chatting to Cillian Murphy who won the Oscar for Best Actor earlier in the evening to wish him well: “He said to me ‘it is a bit like Italia ’90 isn’t it’, and I said ‘yeah maybe it is’, I do not know! But he was just saying it is so nice, you know, the kind of vibes from Ireland, and we can all really feel them here.

“That people are so wholehearted and so supportive and positive about what is going on here, and so we are all incredibly proud, and I was so proud of him,” added Mr Guiney.

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