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Pierce Brosnan in hot water over Yellowstone trip

James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has been charged with stepping out of bounds in a thermal area during a trip to Yellowstone National Park last November.

The Thomas Crown Affair actor walked in an off-limits area at Mammoth Terraces, in the northern part of Yellowstone near the Wyoming-Montana border, on November 1, according to two federal citations issued this week.

Brosnan, 70, who played Bond on the big screen four times before Daniel Craig took on the role, is set to make a mandatory appearance in the courtroom of the world’s oldest national park.

The Remington Steele actor was in the park on a personal visit and not for film work, the US Attorney’s Office for Wyoming said.

Mammoth Terraces is a scenic spot of mineral-encrusted hot springs bubbling from a hillside.

They are just some of the park’s hundreds of thermal features, which range from spouting geysers to gurgling mud pots, with water at or near boiling point.

Going out-of-bounds in such areas can be dangerous – some of the millions of people who visit Yellowstone each year get badly burned by ignoring warnings not to stray off the trail.

Getting caught can bring legal peril too, with jail time, hefty fines and bans from the park handed down to trespassers regularly.

The Mamma Mia star is allegedly charged with ‘foot travel in a thermal area’ and a ‘closure violation’ after his alleged entry into a restricted area of the park on 1 November.

The Mrs Doubtfire star has not yet entered a plea and the court docket labels the two charges as a ‘petty offence’.

Brosnan has been ordered to appear in court in Wyoming on Tuesday January 23.

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