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Number of homeless people fell 1.5% in December

The number of homeless people fell in December to 13,318 – a decline of 1.5% from November, new figures show.

There were 3,962 children accessing emergency accommodation last month, a 3.5% fall from November, according to the Department of Housing’s latest figures.

The previous month, the total number of homeless people was 13,514.

The number of homeless families also fell to 1,916 in December – a decrease of 84 compared to November, but an increase of 322 from the end of 2022.

Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien said homelesses was a “very complex challenge” with many entering emergency accommodation for a “myriad of reasons”.

He added: “However, we have a plan and we are making a difference. Whether it is prevention, exits or housing supply, the numbers are going in the direction that we as a society want and there is no lack of resolve or money to sustain this momentum and ultimately reduce the numbers entering homelessness.”

More to follow.

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