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Mystery of the engagement ring found in Wicklow Mountains

Can you help to solve the mystery of an engagement ring found on a hike in the Wicklow mountains?

Irish jewellers Chupi are hoping to return the 1.5 carat blue sapphire ring to its rightful owner.

The ring was still in its pink Chupi box when it was discovered by a woman who was out walking at the weekend.

“Out of the blue, we got a call from someone saying ‘I’ve found a ring in the woods,'” jewellery designer Chupi Sweetman told RTÉ News.

“She had waited by the ring for an hour, hoping that someone would come for it. When they didn’t, she kindly brought it into us here to our shop in Clarendon Street.

“It has barely been worn and pretty much brand new. So now we are desperately trying to reunite it with its owner.

“After posting an appeal for help tracing the owner of the ring on Instagram earlier today, Ms Sweetman said the speculation about what had happened to the ring “has been wild.

“Some of the guesses have been really funny,” she said.

“So, one was a treasure hunt. Maybe, there was a treasure hunt in the Wicklow Mountains and the person who was proposing forgot the location.

“Others suggest, maybe, the proposal went wrong and the person threw away the ring in outrage.

“I guess either way, we’d still like to make sure that the ring is back with the person that it is meant for. So, if they love it, they can have it back. If they don’t, we can figure out a way to make it work for them,” Ms Sweetman added.

Chupi Sweetman is really excited to find the owner of the ring

If you recognise this ring, you can get in touch with Chupi via their social media channels.

However, Chupi Sweetman did clarify they will be able to prove who the rightful owner is.

“We actually have a way of proving it,” she told RTÉ News. “We’ll be able to look back through our records. Every ring we’ve ever sold, we have the record of the person we’ve sold it to.

“So hopefully when we find you, you’ll be giving us details that only you would know. The date it was bought. The name of the person who bought it. We’re really excited to return this ring to you,” Ms Sweetman added.

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