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Mysterious streak of light seen in California sky

People in southern California were left puzzled by the appearance of a shower of bright lights streaking overhead in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Dozens of eyewitnesses reported the phenomenon shortly before 2am, posting videos to social media and asking whether the lights were from a meteor shower.

Footage posted to X by a user based outside Los Angeles, who said they filmed it at about 1.45am, corresponded with other reports of similar sightings.

The lights were thought to be linked to a space launch, although no official confirmation was initially given.

Some commentators on social media wondered if the material was debris from a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, which had taken place on the evening of 1 April from Santa Barbara.

However, some online space enthusiasts speculated that the shower of lights could in fact be parts from the Chinese Shenzhou-15 module that were reportedly due to re-enter the atmosphere around the same time.

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