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Man who killed brother-in-law jailed for 10 years

A man who killed his brother-in-law because he believed he had an affair with his wife and told gardaí afterwards that the victim “had it coming to him for 12 years” has been jailed for ten years.

Andy Cash, 30, from Highrath, Clara, in Co Kilkenny, was found not guilty of the murder of John Cash, but guilty of his manslaughter at Hebron Road in Kilkenny city almost two years ago.

The 40-year-old died after he was stabbed in the chest.

Andy Cash believed his wife had had an affair with his brother-in-law John Cash 12 years ago.

On 3 May 2022, the day he killed him, he had a row with his wife before heading into Kilkenny city and drinking a few pints before spotting John Cash.

John Cash had gone into town with his wife Elizabeth, Andy Cash’s sister, and his daughter to collect his social welfare and shop.

When Andy Cash saw him he shouted abuse at him. His sister Elizabeth said Andy Cash shouted “you’re dead when I get you” to her husband John Cash.

Andy Cash then got into his car and drove up the road at speed with the driver’s door open and again confronted John Cash at the Hebron Road.

Andy Cash had a knife and John Cash backed away squirting water at him but John Cash was stabbed twice in the shoulder and back and died an hour later in hospital.

Gardaí recovered the knife from a skip where it had been pushed down deep into gravel and covered with a block.

Andy Cash told his brother-in-law “you got what you deserved” as he lay on the ground.

After he was arrested at the scene he told gardaí that “he had it coming to him for 12 years.”

He also claimed that he believed John Cash would be out to get him later.

The jury found Andy Cash not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter after he claimed provocation as a defence.

Victim impact statements from John Cash’s wife, children and his 12 brothers were read out in court today.

The father-of-nine was described as a devoted and loving husband, father and brother, a “gentle giant” and “father figure” who was kind to his family and helped them out financially when he could and would not pass a homeless person without giving them some change.

His wife Elizabeth said in her victim impact statement that Andy Cash was no longer her brother.

Andy Cash’s defence counsel said he wanted to express his remorse to the family for killing his brother-in-law.

Ms Justice Eileen Creedon said that Andy Cash armed himself with a knife that day and began shouting and gesticulating at John Cash and his family.

He attacked John Cash in broad day light,in front of family and then sought to conceal the knife by burying in rubble and continued to shout at the family.

The judge said it was clear the victim was deeply loved by his wife and children and his death had left an enormous gap

She took into consideration Andy Cash’s offer to plead guilty to manslaughter at the start of the trial, his apology, his age and his lack of previous violent offending.

Mr Justice Creedon sentenced him to 11 years in prison with the final year suspended.

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