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Man charged with stalking near Taylor Swift’s home

A man charged with harassment and stalking in the vicinity of Taylor Swift’s home has been spotted there “approximately 30 times” in the last two months, a court has heard.

David Crowe, 33, from Seattle, Washington, was arrested on Monday evening near the pop star’s townhouse and taken into custody, where he was charged with two counts of harassment and stalking after police responded to reports of an “emotionally disturbed male acting erratically”.

On Wednesday, Mr Crowe was arraigned in the New York County Criminal Court where a judge granted supervised release and an order of protection, according to a spokesperson from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office.

The complaint suggests a security worker had spotted Mr Crowe in the location “approximately 30 times” from November 25, while Mr Crowe was asked 10 times not to approach the building.

On the same day as his court appearance, Mr Crowe was re-arrested and charged with four counts of criminal contempt after police officers responded to an emergency call for a “disorderly male” in the vicinity of Swift’s home.

It is unclear if Mr Crowe was arrested and charged before or after his court appearance on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department (NYPD) said: “Upon arrival, the male did leave the location and walk into the first precinct when he was subsequently taken into custody without further incident.

“The following individual was charged with four counts of criminal contempt.”

Mr Crowe will next appear in court for the stalking and harassment charges on 3 March, while it is not yet known when he will appear for the contempt charges.

With a fervent fan base, Swift has been plagued by “stalkers” at her Tribeca home as well as homes she owns in California and Rhode Island.

A representative for Swift and Mr Crowe have been contacted for comment.

Source: Press Association

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