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Labour deputy leader investigated over council house sale

Police are investigating claims that the deputy leader of the UK Labour party, Angela Rayner, may have broken electoral law over information she gave about her living situation a decade ago.

It comes after James Daly, deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, made Greater Manchester Police (GMP) aware of neighbours contradicting Ms Rayner’s statement that her property, separate from her husband’s, was her main residence.

GMP previously said it would not be investigating the allegations, but following a complaint from Mr Daly, the police confirmed it had opened an investigation.

A spokesperson for the force said: “We’re investigating whether any offences have been committed.

“This follows a reassessment of the information provided to us by Mr Daly.”

Ms Rayner has faced scrutiny about whether she paid the right amount of tax on the 2015 sale of her council house because of confusion over whether it was her principal residence.

Ms Rayner has rejected the allegation.

Starmer ‘fully confident’ Rayner did not break rules

The police investigation will allow a “line to be drawn” on the issue, Labour leader Keir Starmer said.

“I am fully confident that Angela Rayner has not broken the rules. She will cooperate with the investigation as you would expect and it is really a matter for the police,” he said.

He declined to say if Ms Rayner should resign as deputy leader if she is found to have broken the law.

He told ITV: “She’s given answers on the issue many, many times over, she’s clearly said she’ll co-operate with the police.

“I do think now is the time to let the police get on with their investigation, get on with the work they need to do, she’ll co-operate with that which is exactly what you’d expect of her.”

Rayner accused of ‘double standards’

British Defence Secretary Grant Shapps accused Ms Rayner of “double standards” and welcomed the launch of a police investigation into the sale of her council house.

He told reporters: “I think the double standards have been extraordinary, Angela Rayner herself has spent her political career calling people out for exactly the thing she seems to be doing now.

“It’s not acceptable to ignore it and it’s not acceptable for Keir Starmer to say he won’t even read reports into it.

“This is something which is a serious matter, it’s important that it’s looked into properly and I welcome the idea that the police are doing that.”

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