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Journalist Ethna Viney dies aged 95

The journalist Ethna Viney has died at the age of 95.

She passed away last night.

She is survived by her daughter Michelle Viney, her brother Bert McManus and sister Eva McManus.

Her husband, Michael Viney, passed away in May last year at the age of 90.

Ms Viney wrote her first articles for the Irish Times in the early 1960s on changes to the Anglo-Irish trade agreements.

She wrote a weekly ‘Eye on Nature’ column for the Irish Times for 33 years.

She also worked for RTÉ from the mid 1960s until 1975 where she worked as a television researcher and also on ‘Agenda’, the magazine-style current affairs show, which she edited and co-presented.

She and her husband also made a number of documentaries together.

The couple moved from Dublin to Mayo in 1977.

Her daughter Michele told RTÉ News that her mother was “an active feminist” and a “force of nature”.

“She had a legacy and I want to honour that legacy.”

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