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Increase in workplace conflict in 2023

New research has found there was increase in workplace conflict in 2023.

According to the latest HR Barometer from Adare Human Resource Management, there was a reduction in formal disputes last year but 74% of organisations experienced workplace conflict, marking a 5% increase from the previous year.

More than half of organisations surveyed identified employee engagement as their top HR priority, followed closely by staff retention.

Remuneration remains a leading factor for staff leaving, though its dominance is waning in favour of career progression and geographic flexibility, pointing to a broader trend of employees valuing professional development and work-life balance over financial incentives alone.

The study found that the financial impact of employee turnover is high with an average backfill cost of €9,461 per employee.

It also found that 88% of employers plan salary increases in 2024, with an average anticipated raise of 3.6%.

When it comes to remote working, 46% of employees engaged in hybrid work arrangements.

The research also reveals a notable rise in absenteeism rates with mental health and work-related stress emerging as the leading causes of short-term absenteeism.

“Considering the backdrop of economic fluctuations and digital transformation, it is clear that a people-led approach remains at the heart of sustainable growth and innovation,” said Kieran Mulvey, Director at Adare Human Resource Management.

The research gathered insights from 178 organisations employing over 74,000 people.

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