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IMO calls for HSE to rescind recruitment freeze

HSE Chief Executive Bernard Gloster has said that despite financial pressures and recruitment pauses, the service has more funding and staff than ever.

He also said the establishment of the six new health regions is well advanced.

Speaking at the annual conference of the Irish Medical Organisation in Killarney, he said the HSE has been “de-layered”, in that the six leaders of the new regions now report to him directly.

The IMO has passed a motion calling on the HSE to rescind the staff recruitment freeze introduced last year.

The union said that at a time when the labour market for health workers has never been more competitive, a recruitment embargo is absurd.

Mr Gloster said he was now one year into his role, and that the purpose and role of the centre of the HSE has changed to allow the regions focus directly on the decisions and steps that need to be taken every day.

He told doctors that the HSE continues to see pressure on, and demand in, the acute hospital system and that the daily grind of figures and reports can distract from reality – that being the experience of those seeking care and those delivering it.

Mr Gloster said his key priorities are access to care, timely decision making and public confidence.

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