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IAA fines Dublin Airport €10m for not meeting key targets

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has fined Dublin Airport a total of €10.1m for not meeting targets around cleanliness, information on transport and security queue times last year.

But alongside the penalties the aviation regulator also said the airport had earned a Quality of Service bonus of €3.4m.

It means the airport is facing a net penalty of €6.7m for its performance in 2023.

The IAA said the Quality of Service framework is designed to incentivise the provision of high-quality passenger services at the airport.

It does this by looking at the experiences of all passengers, including those needing additional assistance.

Performance is then monitored by the IAA against pre-defined targets.

The IAA said it awarded bonuses to the airport for exceeding targets on overall customer satisfaction, ease of movement and finding your way around, availability of baggage trolleys and satisfaction with the wi-fi. 

But the regulator said penalties were incurred for not meeting the targets on cleanliness of terminals and washrooms, as well as information on ground transport. 

Security queue times also fell below target across the first five months of the year before improving significantly in the second half. 

Responding to the results, the airport operator daa said the IAA report confirmed that passengers enjoyed good standards at Dublin Airport last year and those standards are improving all the time.

“Last year saw more than 15 million passengers depart from Dublin Airport and 97% passed through security screening in under 20 minutes, beating our own target of 90%,” it said in a statement.

“Any issues flagged by the IAA relate to the early months of 2023 and were corrected before the start of the summer, through the roll-out of our 15-point improvement plan which saw us double down on important things like cleanliness, the removal of clutter and better wayfinding in both terminals,” it said.

“Improvements to Wi-Fi speeds, the addition of more seating at departure gates and the creation of family seating areas were also very well-received by passengers and made the passenger experience better,” it added.

It added that standards are to improve further this year with a number of additional improvements planned.

The IAA also confirmed that the final price cap for last year is €8.46 per passenger.

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