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Heineken to increase the price of a pint by six cent

Brewer Heineken has told publicans that it plans to increase what it charges for its draught beer products.

The price hike will see around 6 cent added to the price of a pint across the company’s range, which includes Heineken, Heineken 0.0, Coors, Tiger, Birra Moretti, Murphys, Orchard Thieves, Cute Hoor and Lagunitas IPA.

However, one pub trade source said that when other related costs are factored in, the extra price paid by customers could be as much 20-30 cent higher.

The changes will kick in from June 4.

“Due to continued increases in underlying costs we need to adjust our pricing on our draught products,” Heineken said in a statement.

“A list price increase of 3% (6 cent per pint) will apply to our draught product range and will come into effect on the 4th June 2024,” it said.

“Despite our ongoing efforts to increase productivity and reduce costs, it is impossible for us to absorb all of the increased costs that we have been faced with, and therefore we need to adjust our pricing,” it added.

The move follows a recent similar price increase announced by the brewer of Guinnnes, Diageo.

That change, which kicked in on Monday, drew criticism from vintners who described it as a “hammer blow” for the hospitality sector ahead of the busy tourist season.

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