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Hacktivists target Irish websites in EU-wide cyberattacks

Hacktivist groups have targeted Ireland as part of an orchestrated campaign of cyberattacks across EU member states.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said that yesterday it became aware of a series of low impact Distributed Denial of Service or ‘DDoS’ attacks targeting a number of websites in Ireland.

It is understood that voting registration site was among the sites targeted but that the impact was minimal.

A DDoS attack attempts to overwhelm a website or service with a flood of internet traffic, rendering it temporarily inaccessible.

“These attacks are typically low-cost and low impact, aimed at attracting attention rather than causing significant harm,” according to the NCSC.

The centre said that yesterday’s activity was part of a pattern of events across the EU and was in-line with the experiences of other EU member states.

“The NCSC has been working with the victims involved to provide technical advice and guidance and to co-ordinate the response process,” the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications said in a statement.

“The impact of these incidents has been minimal, not least because of the preparedness of the victims,” it added.

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