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Greenhouse gas emissions down 17% last year

Greenhouse gas emissions from Irish power generation and industrial companies covered by the EU Emissions Trading System decreased by 17% last year, according to a new report from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The greatest reductions were seen in electricity generation where emissions fell by nearly 24%, due to a reduction in the use of coal generation compared to the previous year, and increased use of wind and solar powered electricity.

However, the report points out that fossil-fired power stations continue to play a strong role in meeting the high electricity demand.

Industrial emissions decreased by just over 6%, within this sector cement industries recorded a 6% decrease overall due to a drop in production.

Emissions from the food and drink sector dropped by more than 3% while emissions from bulk manufacturing of pharmaceuticals decreased by more than 6%.

But emissions from the aviation sector continued to grow last year, up 9% on 2022, reflecting growth in the sector.

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