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Google Ireland opens new Accessibility Discovery Centre

Google Ireland has opened a new hub at its Dublin base where engineers and researchers will work on technology to help people with disabilities.

The ‘Accessibility Discovery Centre’ will facilitate tours that will allow members of the public to see examples of new technologies empowering people with disabilities via a series of interactive exhibits and gaming zones.

The centre was built in consultation with local partners including Spinal Injuries Ireland, ADHD Ireland, the National Disability Authority, Fighting Blindness and Google’s internal Disability Alliance employee resource group.

“The Accessibility Discovery Centre isn’t just a place where we will build better products and services – it’s also a medium through which we can engage more effectively with different disability communities to better understand and address their needs,” said Christopher Patnoe, Accessibility and Disability Inclusion, Google.

“The new space can break down barriers and will ultimately change lives for the better,” Mr Patnoe said.

Philip Quinlan of Spinal Injuries Ireland, said social isolation is a big issue for people with spinal cord injuries and that gaming is a great way to overcome this.

“By setting up this centre, Google is supporting young men and women with injuries to socially engage with friends and peers online, helping them to overcome the challenge of social isolation,” Mr Quinlan said.

This is Google’s first Accessibility Discovery Centre in the EU.

Academic, community or charitable/non-profit organisation who wish to visit the Google Ireland Accessibility Discovery Centre can email

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