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Embassy protest highlights Gaza war impact on children

A protest marking “Palestinian Child’s Day” is taking place outside the Israeli embassy in Dublin.

Several yellow school chairs were lined up in rows in front of the embassy gates symbolising the impact on children of the ongoing war in Gaza.

Protesters gathered around framed pictures of toddlers and young children, along with schoolbags, shoes and drawings which were placed on top of the seats.

Campaigners said that each chair symbolises “768 children who have been brutally murdered”.

Several groups united to voice their anger about the toll the war is taking on young people.

Several groups gathered outside the Israeli Embassy in Dublin

Mothers Against Genocide, Teachers for Palestine, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Grandfathers Against Racism and Psychologists for Palestine all took part in the lunchtime demonstration.

Protestors held placards aloft chanting ”How many more innocents must die?”

Israel has said it is taking steps to increase the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

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