Disposable income per person highest in Dublin in 2021

New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that on a county-by-county basis, Dublin had the highest level of disposable income per person at €27,958.

The lowest disposable income in the country was recorded in Donegal at €19,253, the CSO said.

Disposable income is defined as income minus income tax and social insurance contributions.

Average disposable income for the state was €24,376, the CSO added.

The figures are for 2021, the most recent year for which a full income dataset is available, and are partly based on the 2022 census as well as tax returns.

Dublin’s disposable income per person stood at €27,958 in 2021, which was 15% higher than the state average, and up by 3.8% from 2020.

The next county with the highest amount of disposable income per person was Limerick at €25,190 per person, followed by Wicklow at €24,702.

Donegal recorded the lowest disposable income per person in the state in 2021 at €19,253, which is 21% below the state average.

The county with the second lowest disposable income per person was Laois at €19,659, followed by Kilkenny at €19,696.

Meanwhile, disposable income in Cork was €24,600, Galway at €23,495 and Waterford at €23,477.

The Border and Midlands counties consistently remain significantly below the state average for household disposable income and are largely dependent on the Public Administration sector to generate wealth and employment in their respective regions.

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