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Businesses urged to take part in Workplace Wellbeing Day

Businesses are being encouraged to prepare for the 10th annual National Workplace Wellbeing Day which takes place on Friday 26 April.

The day is an opportunity for companies to focus on their employees’ social, mental, and physical wellbeing.

Over the last ten years, it has seen continued growth in participation, with up to 1,000 businesses now taking part annually.

Business group Ibec is asking companies to start preparing their activities now.

“Previously, the focus of workplace wellbeing initiatives revolved primarily around physical health,” Ibec CEO Danny McCoy said.

“However, there has been a notable shift in employee expectations towards prioritising a positive and inclusive culture, underpinned by empathetic leadership,” Mr McCoy said.

“This evolution underscores the significance of psychological safety in reshaping workplace dynamics and redefining the criteria for effective leadership,” he added.

The day before National Workplace Wellbeing Day, on 25 April, Ibec will host an event to recognise companies that have excelled across key areas of wellbeing.

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