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32 scramblers seized in north Dublin crackdown

Scrambler bikes are being used by organised crime groups for drug dealing in north Dublin, gardaí in Ballymun have said.

Thirty-two scramblers have been seized in the last ten weeks, including seven over the weekend, along with €15,000 worth of drugs and over €6,000 in cash.

Customs and gardaí also seized another €1.5 million worth of drugs at Dublin Airport in the last week.

Gardaí in north Dublin have a special operation in place to target scrambler bikes being driven by masked teenagers and men at high speed and doing wheelies on public roads, parks and plazas.

A number of people have been killed and seriously injured by scrambler bikes. One crashed into a taxi on Balbutcher Lane last week after breaking a red light, seriously injuring the motorcyclist.

Gardaí say they are seriously concerned about the risks scramblers pose to the safety of the public and its officers.

They say its very difficult to engage with the illegal drivers who are moving at high speed. They know they most likely cannot be stopped and need to be identified later and arrested.

Scramblers seized in Ballymun at the weekend

New legislation allows the gardaí to seize scramblers and 32 have been seized in the last two-and-a-half months.

However, the law only allows the gardaí to enter the curtilage of the house and seize the motorbike. They need a warrant to arrest the driver.

Gardaí also say organised crime gangs are using scramblers to deliver and deal drugs with some gangs believed to be supplying teens and vulnerable adults with these bikes to work for them.

Several searches have been carried out under drug trafficking legislation and cannabis, cocaine, benzodiazepines and other drugs worth over €15,000 was seized this weekend along with €6,000 in cash.

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