Newborn baby found alive in shopping bag in east London

A newborn baby is being cared for in hospital after she was found in a shopping bag by a dog walker in London during sub-zero temperatures.

Police are trying to trace the little girl’s mother who they say will be in need of immediate medical attention.

The baby, who police say is well and not injured, was discovered wrapped in a towel and inside the bag in Newham, east London, yesterday evening, the Metropolitan Police said.

According to the UK Met Office, it was minus 3 degrees Celsius in London at that time.

Chief Superintendent Simon Crick said: “Last night we were called by a member of the public out walking their dog, who had discovered a newborn baby in a shopping bag at the junction of the Greenway and High Street South.

“Thinking fast, that person kept the baby girl warm until London Ambulance Service paramedics arrived and checked her over before taking her to hospital. I am delighted to report that she wasn’t injured in any way and is safe and well in the care of hospital staff.

“I am grateful to the members of the public who stayed at the scene to speak with officers and medics – your actions contributed to saving the baby’s life.

“Our thoughts now turn to the baby mother; we are extremely concerned for her welfare as she will have been through a traumatic ordeal and will be in need of immediate medical attention following the birth.”

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