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Mother of girl who took her own life settles legal action

The mother of an 11-year-old girl who died by suicide eight years ago has settled her legal action against the HSE, a GP and a number of providers of psychiatric services for children and adolescents.

St John of God Community services apologised in the High Court to the family of Milly Tuomey who took her own life in January 2016, for failing to provide her with treatment within an “acceptable timeframe”.

Fiona Tuomey said her deeply loved daughter’s voice was not heard and she had taken the legal action to highlight the “woefully inadequate” psychiatric services for young people.

The case was settled for €65,000.

Milly’s family sought urgent help after the 11-year-old posted on Instagram in November 2015 that she intended to die on a certain date.

She was eventually given an appointment with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services for 30 January 2016.

However that appointment was brought forward to 5 January after her mother found concerning material in Milly’s room.

On 1 January Milly went upstairs and was found by her sister a short time later in a critical condition. She died on 4 January.

Her inquest heard Milly had thoughts of self harm and had been unhappy with her physical appearance.

Outside court, Mrs Tuomey said Milly’s voice had finally been heard.

She said Milly had written and spoken about her mental health struggles publicly and nobody had acted.

Mrs Tuomey said change in the area had been “glacial”.

She said thousands of people had died by suicide, many of them children, since Milly’s passing.

And she said mental health services for children and adolescents were under resourced and undervalued and were the “Cinderella of the health system”.

Approving the settlement, Judge Paul Coffey said it was a most tragic and heartbreaking case.

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